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Oceania Riviera Greek & Adriatic Charms Cruise Review 2016

Dec 15, 2016 Comments Off by

Friday 9th September 2016 All pre departure checks have been satisfactorily completed and we are ready to load the case into the car and head for Heathrow to start our next holiday adventure. The last few days have been reasonably organised, packing went a little too well, and I have that nagging “I’ve forgotten something” […]

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Cruise Review: Oceania Riviera Caribbean 2016

May 23, 2016 Comments Off by

Oh somebody please remind me what sleep is? I’ve been so poorly all week, that slept hasn’t featured very heavily in my life. I’ve been suffering with some sort of nasty virus that even mystified the GP. I have already seen her twice this year, and that’s already two times more than I see her […]

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Cruise Review: Cunard Queen Victoria New Year Cruise

Jan 26, 2016 Comments Off by

Tuesday 29th December 2015 Queen Victoria arrived early in the morning and was sat across from Holiday Inn, actually basking in a bit of sunshine, by the time I woke up. I admit I did wake up later than I had hoped and threw myself into the shower later than planned. That’s pretty much where […]

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Cruise Review: Anthem of the Seas Royal Caribbean

May 17, 2015 Comments Off

Could Anthem of the Seas Wow me anymore than the Quantum of the Seas did last November? Quantum had already turned my head and made me realise what Royal Caribbean now have to offer, so now it was time to check out Anthem of the Seas. Surely it was just going to be identical to […]

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Cruise Reveiw: P&O Britannia Maiden Cruise

Apr 12, 2015 Comments Off

Saturday 14th March 2015 – Southampton Wow, what a week that was!!! I need a holiday, and just so happens I am booked to be on the Maiden Cruise of P&O’s newest and biggest ship, P&O Britannia. So just recap…… On Monday myself and Lizy set off for Southampton because we were privileged to be […]

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Cruise Review: P&O Adonia Christmas Markets

Dec 27, 2014 No Comments

Well after what seemed like weeks of packing, rushing round to sort Christmas out, a bit of work and a fair amount of poorliness (thanks to a poorly tooth) and even a work related event, I spent a very chilled out pre cruise day practically twiddling my thumbs due to lack of pre cruise related […]

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Cruise Review: Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

Dec 01, 2014 No Comments

Would I like to be WOW’d was the question I was asked. Well wouldn’t we all?! I had been invited on board the brand new Quantum of the Seas for two nights to sample this new technological innovative cruise ship. Now, anyone that knows me will be aware that I am ‘Mrs Traditional Cruise Ship’ […]

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Cruise Review: Oceania Riviera Black Sea Discovery – Part Three

Aug 27, 2014 No Comments

Sunday 27th July 2014 – at sea Champagne Breakfast on the balcony was a nice way to start the day, Danish pastry, fresh orange juice, pot of tea and chilled champagne. All very civilised, well it is Sunday! We were one of the first out on deck, there was only us, the pool butlers setting […]

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Cruise Review: Oceania Riviera Black Sea Discovery – Part Two

Aug 26, 2014 No Comments

Tuesday 22nd July 2014 – still in Constanta We spent the morning in the exclusive spa area at the front of the ship, and for most of the morning we had the place to ourselves, but it eventually filled up. The thalasotherapy pool was bliss, it was like being massaged all over. I fell asleep […]

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Cruise Review: Oceania Riviera Black Sea Discovery – Part 1

Aug 25, 2014 No Comments

Friday 18th July 2014 Having spent last night at London Heathrow Premier Inn for the grand price of £29, and enjoyed happy hour of Buy one, get one free, on bottles of wine we were awake very, very early to get to Terminal 5 for our British Airways flight to Istanbul. We were there so […]

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