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Author page: Jane

Cruise Review: NCL Jewel July 06

Well what can I say… we have been like excited kids all weekend testing out and discovering all the new bits of NCL’s Norwegian Jewel.  And this is my view…

Cruise Review: Aurora April 06

Monday 10th April

Oh yes, at last the day has arrived and we are going on Aurora (again) Yippee!  The mini coach arrives on the dot of 9.15 and we are loaded up and ready to leave within minutes.  Off to collect Mum & Jack then all back on board the bus, until cries from the back ‘Ive forgot my sunglasses’  ‘I’ve forgot my battery charger’ ‘ I need toilet!’  Yep we’d had a false start and we had to go back home!

Eventually we set back on our journey and 2hrs 15 minutes later we arrive at dock gate 10.

A nice easy checkin through the Gold checkin desk is followed by a much slower process through the security checkin.  Trying to keep your eye on 2 84 year olds and 2 kids and all the contents of their bags and pockets etc is a nightmare.

Cruise Review: Aurora December 05

Tuesday 27th December 2005.

Wow, woke up this morning to a fine sprinkling of snow. Am I the only one that’s excited because nobody else is up and the mini coach should be here at 9.30am. Decide to check on Lizy at 8.15am and she’s casually lying in bed watching TV! At 9.15am im still nagging her to get abit more organised and get her case closed. At 9.30am the mini coach arrives and Lizy decides now would be a good time to apply some makeup, put on her boots and find a few last minute items!!! The youth of today! Meanwhile outside the snow decides to fall thick & fast, which makes a very pretty setting for our send off. After collecting Mum & Jack we are all on our way at last Yippee! Its not long before I realise that the driver hasn’t got a clue where we are going and is relying heavily on his sat nav to guide us through town. He takes some convincing that I know the way better than that thing but eventually he does turn it off. He’s obviously suffering after a heavy party season as he rather worryingly starts to yawn and rub his eyes a lot, next the windows are going up and down to try and help keep him awake. Im not impressed and spend the 134 miles on the edge of my seat watching the road for him. He soon woke up when the ship came into sight though – bless he’d never seen a ship before and couldn’t get over the size of her.

Cruise Review: Aurora November 05

Sunday 27th November 2005

The day has arrived and we have a surprise to spring. Luke comes downstairs in his new football strip hoping to have a game later but we have other ideas. It doesn’t quite sink in when we tell him he can play football if he likes but we are going on a cruise and he’ll have to decide which he prefers? He’s still very unsure about whether we are winding him up enough, and the only thing close at hand to prove it is show him a few of the recent WLC posts and that seems to convince him. Before we can turn round he’s upstairs dressed and pushing Arcadia Bear and Artemis Bear into his backpack with other essential items as a PSP. He looks a bit like the cat that got the cream this morning!

By 9.00am we are all pacing the living room floor waiting for the mini bus to arrive, by 9.15am we have started to check for it down the street, but at 9.30am on the nose (the time he was booked for) he magically appears outside the house and before he can switch the ignition off a fleet of cases are at his back door.

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