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P&O Brochure Launch 2016/17


The new 2016/2017 programme is on sale for Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian Tier Peninsular Club members only at 8.00am on Thursday 9 April 2015 until Sunday 12 April 2015.

Then goes on general sale for ALL passengers from Monday 13 April 2015.

For more information on any of the itineraries listed and to pre register to confirm a booking on your chosen cruise for 2016/17 please contact:
Jane at or 02476 742 135
Lizy at or 0191 680 1021

We have extensive knowledge and experience of all P&O ships including P&O Britannia, so for best and up to date information contact us.

Read below for full information on special itineraries including the Monaco grad prix and Kiel week, Summer holiday cruises, Late sails, Captains choice cruises, Overnight calls and Maiden ports… 

Or click on the links below for each ships overview or full itineraries

Arcadia overview – Arcadia full itineraries

Aurora overviewAurora full itineraries

Azura overviewAzura full itineraries

Britannia overview – Britannia full itineraries

Oceana overviewOceana full itineraries

Oriana overviewOriana full itineraries

Ventura overviewVentura full itineraries

*if the full itineraries are to small to read, simply click on the picture to zoom in


Adonia’s itineraries are still a work in progress, we know she will be visiting the Caribbean for the summer of 2016, but that’s all we know for now…


P&O Cruises Select Price

P&O Cruises Select Prices come with a range of features:

  •                         they are available on all cruises, at all times
  •                         choice of cabin number (subject to availability)
  •                         first priority for dining time and table size in the main restaurants
  •                         first priority for upgrades (where and if available)
  •                         choice of on board spending money, car parking in Southampton, return coach travel to Southampton or airport parking. Available on cruises of 7 nights or more. (Options are not combinable and passengers will receive one per booking)
  •                         15% deposit (outside 90 days before departure)
  •                         flexibility to change your booking (subject to our booking conditions)
  •                         shuttle buses (where available)

Past Passenger Saving is applicable on all P&O Cruises 2016/2017 programme cruises, for past passengers only. Selected Captain’s Choice cruises (below) will benefit from a 10% Past Passenger Saving, whilst all other cruises will feature a 5% Past Passenger Saving. This offer is available until 31 May 2015 and is combinable with the P&O Cruises Select Price only.


Click HERE for Captain’s Choice cruises


Combination Saver

The Combination Saver provides the passenger with a further 10% reduction on the adult price when booking two or more consecutive cruises. The Combination Savers do not apply if one or both of the cruises are of 4 nights or less in duration, a world cruise or part of a world cruise. In addition, the combination saver does not apply if one or both of the cruises is a 7 night Oceana Fly-Med cruise. The 10% reduction does not apply to regional flight supplements, premium flight seats or other holiday add-ons. The 10% Combination Saver will apply after the Past Passenger Saving (if applicable) has been applied.


Some cruises to note…..

Monaco Historic Grand Prix and Monaco Grand Prix, Villefranche, France


Tickets are sure to go fast for this one, as the Monaco Grand PrixTM is one of the most high profile and glamorous races on the Formula OneTM calendar. It’s also one of the most demanding tracks in F1TM, as it snakes its way through the narrow streets of Monaco. Passengers can watch their favourite drivers as they go head to head at speeds of close to 200mph. The Monte Carlo Classic Historic Grand Prix races on the same circuit, but with different categories of cars from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Monaco Historic Grand Prix In port: Sunday 15 May 2016 Oceana E607/E607B/E607C Approximately £0 – £150

Monaco Grand Prix
In port: Sunday 29 May 2016
Oceana E608/E608B/E608C
Approximately £76 – £150 for standing places or £150+ for grandstand seats


Strictly Come Dancing Themed Cruises

Strictly Come Dancing is back on board for more dazzling performances from everyone’s favourite professional dancers and the outspoken judges everyone loves to hate. Passengers can sit back and enjoy the sizzling shows, or get in on the action and try the Tango, Quickstep or Salsa for themselves. Four of the show’s professional dancers will perform on each cruise and passengers will have an opportunity to meet them and see some of their amazing costumes. Then there will be Q&A sessions where they can get the inside scoop on the glittering world of Strictly.

Ventura N611 • 22 Apr 2016 • Canary Islands • 14 nights

Britannia B614 • 16 May 2016 • Canary Islands • 13 nights

Britannia B616 • 5 June 2016 • Canary Islands • 13 nights

Azura A619 • 22 July 2016 • Mediterranean • 14 nights


Music Festivals at Sea

Mainly of a classical nature, our guest artists include some of the world’s most talented musicians and singers performing a range of recitals, opera and operetta. There will also be fun music quizzes, interviews and much more, hosted by well-known personalities from TV, radio and stage. Passengers can even join the choruses, led by some of today’s leading choral directors.

Aurora R608 • 2 July 2016 • Baltic • 14 nights


Kiel Week, Kiel, Germany


Passengers can join the 5,000 sailors and 2,000 vessels from around the globe at Kiel Week, the largest sailing event in the world. Cheer on the competitors as they race on the waters of the beautiful Kiel Fjord, in all sorts of sailing and motor craft. On shore there is also plenty to see and do, with live music, street performers and international food specialties.

In port: Wednesday 22 June 2016 Arcadia J607
Approximately £0 – £150

School Holiday Cruises

Trying to coordinate family holidays around the school holidays is no mean feat. We’ve highlighted these cruises within the destination sections of our new brochure and also listed them below. Just a reminder – these holidays do vary by school, so it’s worth checking the dates before passengers book.

Canary Islands & Iberia

  • Ventura N609 • 27 Mar 16 • 12 nights
  • Azura A607 • 1 Apr 16 • 7 nights
  • Aurora R611 • 25 Jul 16 • 11 nights
  • Azura A621 • 7 Aug 16 • 13 nights
  • Ventura N620 • 8 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Britannia B625 • 20 Aug 16 • 7 nights


  • Britannia B608 • 27 Mar 16 • 14 nights
  • Azura A619 • 22 Jul 16 • 14 nights
  • Ventura N619 • 22 Jul 16 • 17 nights
  • Britannia B623 • 30 Jul 16 • 14 nights
  • Aurora R613 • 12 Aug 16 • 17 nights
  • Ventura N621 • 15 Aug 16 • 14 nights

Mediterranean Fly-Cruise

  • Oceana E604 • 27 Mar 16 • 10 nights
  • Oceana E613 • 27 Jul 16 • 14 nights
  • Oceana E613A • 27 Jul 16 • 7 nights
  • Oceana E613B • 3 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Oceana E613C • 3 Aug 16 • 14 nights
  • Oceana E614 • 10 Aug 16 • 14 nights
  • Oceana E614A • 10 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Oceana E614B • 17 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Oceana E614C • 17 Aug 16 • 14 nights

Short Breaks

  • Britannia B607 • 25 Mar 16 • 2 nights
  • Azura A613 • 28 May 16 • 2 nights
  • Azura A614 • 30 May 16 • 6 nights
  • Aurora R610 • 23 Jul 16 • 2 nights
  • Azura A620 • 5 Aug 16 • 2 nights
  • Azura A623 • 27 Aug 16 • 2 nights
  • Ventura N629 • 27 Oct 16 • 3 nights
  • Ventura N636 • 29 Dec 16 • 4 nights
  • Ventura N703 • 15 Feb 17 • 4 nights

Norway & Iceland

  • Britannia B615 • 29 May 16 • 7 nights
  • Britannia B622 • 23 Jul 16 • 7 nights
  • Aurora R612 • 5 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Britannia B624 • 13 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Azura A622 • 20 Aug 16 • 7 nights
  • Britannia B626 • 27 Aug 16 • 7 nights


Maiden Calls

Coriagliano Calabro, Italy


The white houses of the hilltop town look as if they’ve been piled higgledy-piggledy on top of each other and like they’re tumbling into the sea.

Visitors can climb to the castle to see its hall of mirrors, all framed in gilded stucco and hung with Bohemian crystal chandeliers from a trompe-l’oeil ceiling. And, as if the ship were not an opulent enough experience, they could always visit the nearby ancient city of Sybaris which amassed great wealth thanks to its fertile land and busy port.

The food of the region offers many pleasures; a delicious concoction of cultural flavours, thanks to the people, including the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Arabs, Spanish and French, who made coastal Calabria their home over the centuries. Be warned. This area is the chilli capital of Italy and chillies find their way into many dishes, including even the ice-cream!


Crotone, Italy


Steeped in antiquity, the ancient port of Crotone on the very ball of the foot of Italy was founded around 710 BC. Those who loathed maths at school may find it hard to forgive the fact it was home to Pythagoras (the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides).

Crotone’s unspoiled centro historico, crowned by the castle of Charles V, lies uphill from the Old Port. Its winding alleyways are home to boutiques selling interesting local crafts. Must-sees include Le Castella, Crotone’s other castle built on a small island accessible by foot via a narrow causeway. Begun in the 4th century BC, the philosopher Pliny said that Hannibal constructed its first tower. The Capo Collona archaeological park is a short way along the coast. Its best-preserved and most impressive ruin is the Tavole Palatine, where knights gathered before setting off to the Crusades.

Fancy a bite? Not to be missed is quadraro, the local fish soup; the salty and affumicata ricotta called abbespata, the pecorino Crotonese and, most definitely, a glass (or two) of the full bodied Calabrian wine, Cirò DOC. This is the oldest wine in Europe, drunk by Olympic athletes in classical times.

Tarragona, Spain


Almost everything of interest in Tarragona (and there’s lots of it) lies conveniently within the old city walls at the town’s medieval heart, with its maze of cobbled lanes and cathedral. The main street, Las Ramblas, leads to a belvedere called the Balcón de Europa from which to enjoy spectacular views.

If your customers like their ruins Roman, Tarraco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will not disappoint, with its beautiful 2nd century seaside amphitheatre. The circus, where chariot races were held, is said to have been the largest in the Roman Empire and is one of the best preserved in Europe.

After all that culture, passengers could take time to tempt their tastebuds with a spot of Catalan cuisine. Nuts, onions, tomatoes, oil and garlic feature heavily (and deliciously). Suggest they look out for salsa romesco, a rich tomato and herb sauce with onion, or tuck into tapas in the Rambla Nova, the main boulevard. Or, if seafood is more their thing, El Serrallo, round the harbour, specialises in the freshest seafood cuisine. They will be delighted to hear Tarragona is also known for its fine wines, especially the sparkling delights of Cava.


Evening Calls

Stay a little longer and savour the evening in these ports. We will leave port no earlier than 9.30pm.

Alesund, Norway • J606
Amber Cove (Puerto Plata), Dominican Republic • A703, A703A, A705, A705A
Amsterdam, Netherlands • A609, N636 (for New Year’s Eve)
Athens (tours from Piraeus), Greece • A608, N614, N619
Barcelona, Spain • B619
Basseterre, St Kitts • A706, A706A
Bergen, Norway • J606
Boston, USA • J614
Bridgetown, Barbados • R618, N702
Bruges (tours from Zeebrugge), Belgium • J621
Charleston, USA • E701
Copenhagen, Denmark • R608 (for the Jazz Festival)
Funchal, Madeira • E625 (for New Year’s Eve), N701
Gibraltar, UK • E624
Hamburg, Germany • R621 (for the Christmas Markets), J621 (for New Year’s Eve)
La Palma • R611, N701, X609, R614
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria • B630, N634, B614, E625
Lisbon, Portugal • X616
Malaga, Spain • X612
Monte Carlo, Monaco • A619
Mykonos, Greece • A608, N614
Naples, Italy • B627
Oranjestand, Aruba – Britannia (all expect B635 & B635A)
Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca • B609
Philipsburg, St Maarten – Britannia (all Caribbean expect B635 & B635A)
Ponta Delgada, Azores • X616
Roseau, Dominica – Britannia (all Caribbean expect B635 & B635A)
San Juan, Puerto Rico • A633B, A633C (New Year’s Eve)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife • N617, A621, E603, A611, A628, X616
Stavanger, Norway • R607
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands • A633B, A633C
Tortola • E702
Venice • X619

Overnight Calls

Enjoy an overnight stay in these ports.

Amsterdam, Netherlands • R621 (Christmas markets),
A627 Barcelona, Spain • J604, N618, A626
Bridgetown, Barbados • Azura & Britannia
Caribbean cruises
Charleston, USA • X605, X620
Funchal, Madeira • B616, R614, A611, A628, E620, E623, N705, R620
Hamilton, Bermuda • X605
New Orleans, USA • X605, X620, E701, A633B, A633C
New York, USA • J614
Philipsburg, St Maarten • N702
Quebec, Canada • J614
Reykjavik, Iceland • J611, A616
St Petersburg, Russia • All Baltic cruises except J620 & R621
Venice, Italy • J616, R606, X606, plus a variety of Mediterranean fly-cruise itineraries


On board spending money varies by cruise duration and is based on the number of nights spent on board (7 nights or more, excluding overnight flights) and applies to the first two passengers sharing a cabin. On board spending money can be used during the cruise in most of the ships’ outlets, including on board shops, bars, restaurants, spas and towards shore excursions booked on board. On board spending money cannot be used for the following: medical charges (including services, prescriptions and supplies), cash back, purchase of foreign currency, international visas, charity donations, on board gaming (including the Casino); nor as full or part payment against a future cruise, charter flight seat reservations or upgrades. All on board spending money is non-refundable.


Car parking is available on all Southampton round trip cruises of 7 nights or more. Passengers can leave their car in a secure car park (one space per booking). Passengers should advise at time of booking if they wish to use this service and then contact Cruise & Passenger Services Ltd (the operator) through Cruise Personaliser or direct on 0845 071 3939 or via to arrange car parking no less than 35 days in advance of departure.


Return coach transfers are available on all Southampton round trip cruises of 7 nights or more. Coach transfers are available to all passengers on the booking. Passengers should advise at the time of booking if they wish to use this service and then contact our coach provider direct on 0843 3742246 no later than 35 days prior to departure.


Airport parking is valid on selected fly-cruises only and is offsite parking at the relevant airport (one space per booking) for the duration of the holiday with transfers between the car park and the airport terminal. Passengers should advise at the time of booking if they wish to use this service and then contact APH Airport Parking and Hotels Ltd (the operator) direct on 0844 871 7561, quoting cruise booking reference number, to book the car parking no less than 35 days in advance of departure. Amendments to car details can be made up to 48 hours prior to departure day at no additional cost.

LGW – Gatwick Airport

MAN – Manchester Airport

BHX – Birmingham Airport

EMA – East Midlands Airport

LHR – Heathrow Airport

EDI – Edinburgh

GLA – Glasgow

NCL – Newcastle

BOH – Bournemouth

CWL – Cardiff

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