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CUNARD Alaska 2021 and Winter 2022 Itineraries

Travel the globe in unparalleled style with Cunard

Cunard’s magnificent fleet takes to the high seas in the winter of 2022 on a programme of inspiring journeys to the four corners of the globe. Stretching from two-night short breaks to 108-night full World Journeys, these famous Ocean Liners will venture to 38 different countries, while making 14 maiden calls.

Cunard’s iconic flagship, Queen Mary 2, will embark on a 71-night cultural foray into the Caribbean and South America. Queen Elizabeth will perform an enticing series of in-depth voyages between Sydney to Auckland and into the bustling heart of the Far East. And Queen Victoria will set out on a classic 108-night western circumnavigation of the globe.



In winter 2021-2022 Queen Elizabeth continues on her alluring, voyages of discovery series throughout Australasia and Asia. Offering deeper and richer experiences, these regionally focused journeys, ranging from seven to 23 nights, are filled with both a sense of adventure and stunning diversity. 


Voyage CodeVoyage NameDescriptionSail DateReturn DateNightsFrom PortTo Port
Q117AJapan And AlaskaAsiaTue 25-May-21Tue 22-Jun-2129TokyoVancouver
Q117BJapan And AlaskaAsiaTue 25-May-21Fri 02-Jul-2139TokyoVancouver
Q118NJapan And AlaskaAsiaThu 03-Jun-21Tue 22-Jun-2120TokyoVancouver
Q118AJapan And AlaskaAsiaThu 03-Jun-21Fri 02-Jul-2130TokyoVancouver
Q119AlaskaAlaskaTue 22-Jun-21Fri 02-Jul-2110VancouverVancouver
Q120AlaskaAlaskaFri 02-Jul-21Mon 12-Jul-2110VancouverVancouver
Q121AlaskaAlaskaMon 12-Jul-21Thu 22-Jul-2110VancouverVancouver
Q122AlaskaAlaskaThu 22-Jul-21Tue 03-Aug-2112VancouverVancouver
Q123AlaskaAlaskaTue 03-Aug-21Fri 13-Aug-2110VancouverVancouver
Q124AlaskaAlaskaFri 13-Aug-21Mon 23-Aug-2110VancouverVancouver
Q125AlaskaAlaskaMon 23-Aug-21Thu 02-Sep-2110VancouverVancouver
Q125AJapan And AlaskaAsiaMon 23-Aug-21Wed 22-Sep-2129VancouverTokyo
Q125BJapan And AlaskaAsiaMon 23-Aug-21Fri 01-Oct-2138VancouverTokyo
Q126Alaska And JapanAsiaThu 02-Sep-21Wed 22-Sep-2119VancouverTokyo
Q126AJapan And AlaskaAsiaThu 02-Sep-21Fri 01-Oct-2128VancouverTokyo
Q132DNew ZealandAustralia & New ZealandFri 19-Nov-21Thu 02-Dec-2113BrisbaneAuckland
Q133New ZealandAustralia & New ZealandSun 21-Nov-21Thu 02-Dec-2111SydneyAuckland
Q133BNew ZealandAustralia & New ZealandSun 21-Nov-21Tue 14-Dec-2123SydneySydney
Q134New ZealandAustralia & New ZealandThu 02-Dec-21Tue 14-Dec-2112AucklandSydney
Q135TasmaniaAustralia & New ZealandTue 14-Dec-21Wed 22-Dec-218SydneySydney
Q135BNew Zealand and TasmaniaAustralia & New ZealandTue 14-Dec-21Wed 05-Jan-2222SydneySydney
Q201New ZealandAustralia & New ZealandWed 22-Dec-21Wed 05-Jan-2214SydneySydney
Q201ANew Zealand and TasmaniaAustralia & New ZealandWed 22-Dec-21Wed 12-Jan-2221SydneySydney
Q202TasmaniaAustralia & New ZealandWed 05-Jan-22Wed 12-Jan-227SydneySydney
Q202ASouth Pacific & TasmaniaSouth PacificWed 05-Jan-22Tue 25-Jan-2220SydneySydney
Q203South PacificSouth PacificWed 12-Jan-22Tue 25-Jan-2213SydneySydney
Q204Australia Short BreakAustralia & New ZealandTue 25-Jan-22Thu 27-Jan-222SydneyMelbourne
Q205New ZealandAustralia & New ZealandThu 27-Jan-22Wed 09-Feb-2213MelbourneMelbourne
Q205CNew Zealand and South AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandThu 27-Jan-22Mon 14-Feb-2218MelbourneMelbourne
Q206Southern AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandWed 09-Feb-22Mon 14-Feb-225MelbourneMelbourne
Q206AAustralia Short BreakAustralia & New ZealandWed 09-Feb-22Fri 11-Feb-222MelbourneAdelaide
Q206BNew Zealand and South AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandWed 09-Feb-22Sun 27-Feb-2218MelbourneMelbourne
Q206DNew Zealand and South AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandFri 11-Feb-22Tue 22-Feb-2211AdelaideAuckland
Q206ENew Zealand and South AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandFri 11-Feb-22Sun 27-Feb-2216AdelaideMelbourne
Q206GNew Zealand and South AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandFri 11-Feb-22Sat 05-Mar-2222AdelaideAdelaide
Q207New ZealandAustralia & New ZealandMon 14-Feb-22Sun 27-Feb-2213MelbourneMelbourne
Q207DNew Zealand and South AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandTue 22-Feb-22Sat 05-Mar-2211AucklandAdelaide
Q208Australia Short BreakAustralia & New ZealandSun 27-Feb-22Wed 02-Mar-223MelbourneSydney
Q209Southern AustraliaAustralia & New ZealandWed 02-Mar-22Wed 09-Mar-227SydneySydney
Q209DAustralia Short BreakAustralia & New ZealandSat 05-Mar-22Wed 09-Mar-224AdelaideSydney
Q210NSydney to SingaporeAsiaWed 09-Mar-22Thu 24-Mar-2215SydneySingapore
Q210ASydney to Hong KongAsiaWed 09-Mar-22Fri 01-Apr-2223SydneyHong Kong
Q210CSydney to TokyoAsiaWed 09-Mar-22Wed 13-Apr-2235SydneyYokohama
Q211NSingapore to Hong KongAsiaThu 24-Mar-22Fri 01-Apr-228SingaporeHong Kong
Q211ASingapore to ShanghaiAsiaThu 24-Mar-22Tue 05-Apr-2212SingaporeShanghai
Q211BSingapore to TokyoAsiaThu 24-Mar-22Wed 13-Apr-2220SingaporeYokohama
Q212Hong Kong to TokyoAsiaFri 01-Apr-22Wed 13-Apr-2212Hong KongYokohama
Q212BShanghai to TokyoAsiaTue 05-Apr-22Wed 13-Apr-228ShanghaiYokohama
Q213Southern JapanAsiaWed 13-Apr-22Fri 22-Apr-229YokohamaYokohama
Q213AJapan Grand VoyageAsiaWed 13-Apr-22Sun 01-May-2218YokohamaYokohama
Q214Southern IslandsAsiaFri 22-Apr-22Sun 01-May-229YokohamaYokohama
Q214AJapan Grand VoyageAsiaFri 22-Apr-22Sun 08-May-2216YokohamaYokohama
Q215Japan (Golden Week)AsiaSun 01-May-22Sun 08-May-227YokohamaYokohama
Q215AJapan Grand VoyageAsiaSun 01-May-22Tue 17-May-2216YokohamaYokohama
Q216Japan CircumnavigationAsiaSun 08-May-22Tue 17-May-229YokohamaYokohama
Q216AJapan Grand VoyageAsiaSun 08-May-22Thu 26-May-2218YokohamaYokohama
Q217Northern Japan, Hokkaido And RussiaAsiaTue 17-May-22Thu 26-May-229YokohamaYokohama
Q217AJapan Grand VoyageAsiaTue 17-May-22Sat 04-Jun-2218YokohamaYokohama
Q218Japan CircumnavigationAsiaThu 26-May-22Sat 04-Jun-229YokohamaYokohama


In winter 2022 Queen Mary 2 charts a course for an exotic 71-night winter escape to the Caribbean and of South America, boasting an enticing mix of exploration, enrichment, and relaxation. She also continues with her Transatlantic Crossings and provides a rare opportunity to chase the Northern Lights in Norway. 


Voyage CodeVoyage NameDescriptionSail DateReturn DateNightsFrom PortTo Port
M202ARoundtrip Transatlantic CrossingTransatlanticMon 03-Jan-22Tue 18-Jan-2215New YorkNew York
M203Westbound TransatlanticCrossingTransatlanticMon 10-Jan-22Tue 18-Jan-228SouthamptonNew York
M203ASouthampton to SantosPanama Canal & Central AmericaMon 10-Jan-22Tue 08-Feb-2229SouthamptonSantos
M203BSouthampton to MontevideoPanama Canal & Central AmericaMon 10-Jan-22Mon 21-Feb-2242SouthamptonMontevideo
M203CCaribbean and South AmericaPanama Canal & Central AmericaMon 10-Jan-22Tue 22-Mar-2271SouthamptonSouthampton
M203DCaribbean and South AmericaPanama Canal & Central AmericaMon 10-Jan-22Thu 24-Mar-2273SouthamptonHamburg
M204New York to SantosPanama Canal & Central AmericaTue 18-Jan-22Tue 08-Feb-2221New YorkSantos
M204ANew York to MontevideoPanama Canal & Central AmericaTue 18-Jan-22Mon 21-Feb-2234New YorkMontevideo
M204BCaribbean and South AmericaPanama Canal & Central AmericaTue 18-Jan-22Mon 14-Mar-2255New YorkNew York
M205Santos to MontevideoPanama Canal & Central AmericaTue 08-Feb-22Mon 21-Feb-2213SantosMontevideo
M205ASantos to New YorkPanama Canal & Central AmericaTue 08-Feb-22Mon 14-Mar-2234SantosNew York
M205BSantos to SouthamptonPanama Canal & Central AmericaTue 08-Feb-22Tue 22-Mar-2242SantosSouthampton
M206Montevideo to New YorkSouth AmericaMon 21-Feb-22Mon 14-Mar-2221MontevideoNew York
M206AMontevideo to SouthamptonSouth AmericaMon 21-Feb-22Tue 22-Mar-2229MontevideoSouthampton
M206BMontevideo to HamburgSouth AmericaMon 21-Feb-22Thu 24-Mar-2231MontevideoHamburg
M207Eastbound Transatlantic CrossingTransatlanticMon 14-Mar-22Tue 22-Mar-228New YorkSouthampton
M207AEastbound TransatlanticCrossing to HamburgTransatlanticMon 14-Mar-22Thu 24-Mar-2210New YorkHamburg
M207BNorway and Northern LightsNorthern EuropeMon 14-Mar-22Sun 10-Apr-2227New YorkNew York
M208Norway and Northern LightsNorthern EuropeTue 22-Mar-22Sun 03-Apr-2212SouthamptonSouthampton
M208ASouthampton to HamburgWestern EuropeTue 22-Mar-22Thu 24-Mar-222SouthamptonHamburg
M208BNorway and Northern LightsNorthern EuropeThu 24-Mar-22Sun 03-Apr-2210HamburgSouthampton
M208CNorway and Northern LightsNorthern EuropeThu 24-Mar-22Sun 10-Apr-2217HamburgNew York
M209Westbound TransatlanticCrossingTransatlanticSun 03-Apr-22Sun 10-Apr-227SouthamptonNew York


In winter 2022 Queen Victoria embarks on a captivating 108-night complete, western circumnavigation of the globe. Calling at some of the world’s most remarkable destinations, her journey takes her across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, traverses the Pacific to Australia, through the Far East and Indian Ocean, and around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope.


Voyage CodeVoyage NameDescriptionSail DateReturn DateNightsFrom PortTo Port
V202AHamburg Short BreakNorthern EuropeThu 06-Jan-22Mon 10-Jan-224SouthamptonSouthampton
V203Hamburg To SouthamptonWestern EuropeSat 08-Jan-22Mon 10-Jan-222HamburgSouthampton
V203AWestbound Transatlantic Crossing to fort lauderdaleTransatlanticSat 08-Jan-22Fri 21-Jan-2213HamburgFort Lauderdale
V203BHamburg To SydneyWorld VoyageSat 08-Jan-22Tue 01-Mar-2251HamburgSydney
V203CWorld VoyageWorld VoyageSat 08-Jan-22Sun 01-May-22112HamburgHamburg
V204Westbound Transatlantic Crossing to fort lauderdaleWorld VoyageMon 10-Jan-22Fri 21-Jan-2211SouthamptonFort Lauderdale
V204ASouthampton To San FranciscoPanama Canal & Central AmericaMon 10-Jan-22Sun 06-Feb-2227SouthamptonSan Francisco
V204CSouthampton To SydneyWorld VoyageMon 10-Jan-22Tue 01-Mar-2249SouthamptonSydney
V204DWorld VoyageWorld VoyageMon 10-Jan-22Fri 29-Apr-22108SouthamptonSouthampton
V205Panama CanalWorld VoyageFri 21-Jan-22Sun 06-Feb-2216Fort LauderdaleSan Francisco
V205BFort Lauderdale to SouthamptonWorld VoyageFri 21-Jan-22Fri 29-Apr-2297Fort LauderdaleSouthampton
V206San Francisco to SydneyWorld VoyageSun 06-Feb-22Tue 01-Mar-2222San FranciscoSydney
V206BSan Francisco To SouthamptonWorld VoyageSun 06-Feb-22Fri 29-Apr-2281San FranciscoSouthampton
V207Sydney to Hong KongWorld VoyageTue 01-Mar-22Mon 21-Mar-2220SydneyHong Kong
V207BSydney to SingaporeAsiaTue 01-Mar-22Sat 26-Mar-2225SydneySingapore
V207CSydney To Cape TownWorld VoyageTue 01-Mar-22Thu 14-Apr-2244SydneyCape Town
V207DSydney To SouthamptonWorld VoyageTue 01-Mar-22Fri 29-Apr-2259SydneySouthampton
V208Hong Kong To Cape TownWorld VoyageMon 21-Mar-22Thu 14-Apr-2224Hong KongCape Town
V208AHong Kong To SingaporeAsiaMon 21-Mar-22Sat 26-Mar-225Hong KongSingapore
V208BHong Kong To SouthamptonWorld VoyageMon 21-Mar-22Fri 29-Apr-2239Hong KongSouthampton
V208CSingapore To Cape TownAsiaSat 26-Mar-22Thu 14-Apr-2219SingaporeCape Town
V208DSingapore To SouthamptonWorld VoyageSat 26-Mar-22Fri 29-Apr-2234SingaporeSouthampton
V209Cape Town To SouthamptonWorld VoyageThu 14-Apr-22Fri 29-Apr-2215Cape TownSouthampton
V209ACape Town To HamburgAfrica & Indian OceanThu 14-Apr-22Sun 01-May-2217Cape TownHamburg
V210Southampton To HamburgWestern EuropeFri 29-Apr-22Sun 01-May-222SouthamptonHamburg


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