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Cruise Review: Aurora April 06

May 05, 2006 No Comments

Monday 10th April Oh yes, at last the day has arrived and we are going on Aurora (again) Yippee!  The mini coach arrives on the dot of 9.15 and we are loaded up and ready to leave within minutes.  Off to collect Mum & Jack then all back on board the bus, until cries from […]

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Cruise Review: Aurora December 05

Jan 07, 2006 No Comments

Tuesday 27th December 2005. Wow, woke up this morning to a fine sprinkling of snow. Am I the only one that’s excited because nobody else is up and the mini coach should be here at 9.30am. Decide to check on Lizy at 8.15am and she’s casually lying in bed watching TV! At 9.15am im still […]

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Cruise Review: Aurora November 05

Nov 29, 2005 No Comments

Sunday 27th November 2005 The day has arrived and we have a surprise to spring. Luke comes downstairs in his new football strip hoping to have a game later but we have other ideas. It doesn’t quite sink in when we tell him he can play football if he likes but we are going on […]

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