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Cruise Review: Aurora November 07

Nov 02, 2007 1 Comment
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Cruise Review: Boudicca September 07

Sep 28, 2007 No Comments

Thursday 6th September 2007 Ive had 4 hours sleep and Mr C is hovering at my desk insisting we should have been driving down to Dover hours ago.  But I have work to do, then I have to finish packing, oh and I need to get dressed.  A bit of stress later, Im ready, in […]

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Cruise Review: Navigator of the Seas August 07

Aug 28, 2007 No Comments
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Cruise Review: Queen Mary 2 July 07

Jul 20, 2007 No Comments

Tuesday 24th July 2007 – Holiday Inn Southampton – QM2 Mayflower Terminal I woke up this morning at 4.30 itching to get up and look out of the window, but somehow I just couldn’t manage it.  I drifted in and out of sleep until 6.30am before getting up and throwing back the curtains.  Wow! The […]

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Cruise Review: Crystal Symphony June 07

Jun 30, 2007 No Comments

Just a ship visit this one and not a proper holiday but it was nice to have a look around for the day. A rather chilly, misty Sunday morning finds me in Dover to take advantage of a tour of Crystal Symphony. She is berthed alongside the old terminal at Dover and I have to […]

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Cruise Review: Arcadia May 07

May 19, 2007 No Comments

Saturday 1th May 2007 As I knew it was going to be a busy day on the motorways due to the football traffic for Wembley, and plus the fact there were 4 ships in Southampton today, I thought I had better have an early start to make sure I didn’t miss any of my Arcadia […]

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Cruise Review: Oriana December 06

Jan 07, 2007 No Comments

Wednesday 27th December 2006 Christmas has been and gone and its time to cruise.  The taxi arrives on time, but I admit to feeling a bit flustered and rushed, but we are soon  on the motorway heading for  Southampton.  At this point Im feeling a bit like the Mum from Home Alone, and Im frantically […]

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Cruise Review: Aurora October 06

Oct 09, 2006 No Comments
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Cruise Review: Queen Mary 2 July 06

Jul 20, 2006 No Comments

Friday 14th July 2006 After a very long wait since booking this trip over 12 months ago, the day has finally arrived when I get to board the QM2 with my Mum and show her this magnificent ship.  I had viewed her not long after she was launched and made up my mind that I […]

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Cruise Review: NCL Jewel July 06

Jul 06, 2006 No Comments

Well what can I say… we have been like excited kids all weekend testing out and discovering all the new bits of NCL’s Norwegian Jewel.  And this is my view of her… Norwegian Jewel is 92.000 tonnes and carries 2376 passengers and 1154 crew giving a good crew to passenger ratio.  The Braemar was docked […]

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