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Cruise Sales Person of the Year ~ Winner 2008

WOW! 24 hours have now passed since I was awarded the very prestigious title of Cruise Sales Person of the Year 2008 at yesterdays UK Cruise Awards for P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard and Ocean Village. Im pictured here receiving my award from Giles Hawke, Sales Director, and Mark Pilkington, Head of Sales, for all four brands.

The award is something that I have worked hard for, but my clients make that hard work a pleasure. I thought I would share with you these few photographs that capture moments from a very memorable day hosted by the cruise lines that I love work with, and of course take the ‘occassional’ cruise with ………….

Enjoying a glass of pre lunch champagne with Regional Account Manager for all 4 brands, Alex White.



Congratulations Jane!! Winning such a prestigious award is testimony to your continued commitment and enthusiasm to all of the Complete Cruise Solution brands.

I would like to say how proud we all are of your accomplishment at yesterdays Cruise Awards – your genuinely thrilled reaction to winning was a joy to witness!

Once again congratulations on what was an extremely well deserved achievement.

Best Wishes,
Alex White
Account Manager, Complete Cruise Solution





 And pictured here again with Alex and also Geoff Ridgeon, Franchise Manager for GoCruise, oh and of course just a little more pre lunch champagne!


Another highlight of the day for me was learning even more about Azura which is due to be launched in 2010, but I will update you with that at a later date …..









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