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P&O Azura Caribbean Cruise – The Photos

You have read the report and blogs from my recent Caribbean cruise onboard Azura, now you can re live it with me in the photos. Make sure you click on ‘add descriptions’ in the slideshow for details and descriptions.

We took over 2000 photos but I have scaled it down to 700 – you still need to have a spare hour or so to get through them all : )

Ports of call were

Barbados – Happy times at Mullins Beach

St Lucia – A chilled out day including lunch in The Glass House

Grenada – Grande Anse Beach being seranaded by Singing guitar Man

Dominica – Sheltering from the rain in Coco Rico (thats our excuse)

St Maarten – The new ships ‘car park’ of the Caribbean

St Kitts – The Retreat and an day onbaord Azura

Tortola – Cane Garden Bay, Pussers Bar and Painkillers. what a perfect combination!

Curacao – Pretty coloured buildings

Aruba – Azura & Ventura together, plus beaches, bars and shopping

Barbados – Deserted thanks to a National Holiday, a trip to the beach, and some extra time onboard

Plus of course all the days and nights at sea!


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  • melissa
    Posted October 13, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Hi Jane,

    Read your blog Caribbean 2011 with great interest as we are off on Azura Jan 2012 and visiting some of the same islands,this will be our first time on Azura, we fly from Birmingham Airport aswell.

    I booked today for the Barbados Air Lounge as I agree Barbados Airport even though new is not the comfyest, and the bar soooo small!

    I loved your photos and captions and I think we will try the beaches in Barbados as we are in port over night when we embark so have the following day there.

    How lucky were you to be upgraded, we have a suite at the aft, I love looking out at the sea. On one of your blogs way back on the Arcadia I saw that you had Ruit the butler, we had the pleasure of his services too, our first experience in a suite and he was so good, we met him on the Oceana a year later as we were leaving he was joining and came to see us, I wonder where he is now.

    Regards Melissa

    • Post Author
      Posted October 13, 2011 at 5:49 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the blog of Azura, and Im sure you will love the ship and have a fantastic time. The Barbados Exec lounge is more than worth the money. Im sure your path will cross with Ruit at some point – maybe he will be on Azura?!
      Have a fab time

      J x


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